Halloween Potluck Ideas

Sometimes it seems like there are only complicated things that you can make for Halloween treats. The only other options are those that are simple and cute that your kids can help you with.

What about those fun grown-up parties. The special ones that you don’t want the kids to attend. Here are some yummy food ideas that you can share for others.

Snake-Bite Calzones

One of the common things that people think of when it comes to Halloween is things that are considered creepy. One creepy things are snakes. The Snake-Bite Calzones is simply made from a prepackaged pizza dough. Laying out your pizza crust you then place everything inside. Close and shape the snake. Using green food coloring and egg white to place splotches of green on it. Use a pepperoni as the tongue. There are so many things that you can fill each snake with.

Shrimp BrainShrimp Brain Dip

There are several different ways in which this particular dip can be created. Each version of this uses mini or cocktail shrimps. There are several recipes all over the internet, however one of those is from Martha Stewart. Almost all of the recipes include the use of gelatin, or cream cheese.

Dead-Man Coffins Dip

This is one food that can be personalized to anything that you interested in making. This is a simple recipe that can be made with all your favorites. You will want to find a loaf of bread that has the traditional style. This will be your coffin, remember to take a portion of the soft bread center out. This is where you can place your favorite dip. You can take a skeleton and place it into the coffin, or lay him out of the way, anything that will make your coffin look a bit more realistic.

Scary Meatloaf Options

Something that almost everyone loves is meatloaf. There are several different ways that you can prepare for Halloween party using meatloaf. An option would be the Baked Human Hand. This is something that can be shared with anyone in the family. Using mashed potatoes as a layer underneath the cooked hand. Mix your meatloaf with whatever ingredients that you prefer. Shape the meatloaf into a hand, or place it into hand mold. Place the hand on the mashed potatoes for a full meal. There are other things you can shape like a baby or anything that you can think.

Deviled Egg Eyeballs

Eyeball Eggs or Eyes of Newt

One thing that is common on all Halloween set ups is weird eyeballs. One option is to make deviled eggs as you usually would. However, add a little green food coloring to it, just a little. It is important to only use a little bit so that you only tinge the filling. Once filing the boiled egg with the green mixture, and place a portion of an olive on the very top. Draw veins on the egg whites with the red food coloring or gel.

There are so many things that an individual can do to make their Halloween an event that might never be forgotten.

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