Hasbro Just Released Every Episode of 80’s G.I. Joe Animated Series On YouTube!

Running out of things to watch while stuck at home?

Well…we have some great news for you then. We just heard today that Hasbro has launched the complete series of the 80’s G.I. JOE A REAL AMERICAN HERO animanted series on YouTube! One of the greatest animated tv shows from the 1980s.

I know for me as a kid back then..it was Transformers and G.I. Joe. That’s all I watched. And I became a die-hard G.I. Joe fan too. I bought all the figures (still have some today), and never missed a single episode.

So, when I heard this news today I kind of freaked out! Lol

A show animated by a True AMERICAN HERO on YouTube.
This immensely popular mid-1980s animated series tells the story of a brave, globe-trotting special task force — named G.I. Joe — who works to battle Cobra, an organization with an evil boss bent on world domination.

It doesn’t matter where the battle starts…on land, at sea, and in the air — every time trouble breaks out all over the world, there’s G.I. Joe, willing to fight for principles that America values.

Check out all the episodes HERE!

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