Heartbreaking Photos Show Puppy in Tuxedo Waiting for Owners Who Never Turn Up

An unfortunate puppy got dressed up to meet its new owners… only for them to not turn up and leave him all alone.

The photos are heartbreaking…

The story of a puppy who was stood up by his owners has gone viral… And it has broken hearts all around the world. How could anyone do this to a puppy? And a puppy so desperate for a loving home, too! Now, we all know that a dog not just a gift… But sadly, too many people don’t realize this, and they are quick to give up their pooches once they’ve grown.

Around 670,000 of these pooches end up being euthanized every year, as a tragic result of never finding a fitting home.


Now, this brings us to today’s heartbreaking story….

Vicente the puppy has spent quite some time at the non-profit organization, Fundación Rescátame in La Calera, Colombia, waiting for his forever home.

Photo: via Fundacion Rescatame

The exciting moment came for Vicente last month when a couple agreed to adopt him…but sadly the family failed to show up and he had to return to his cage..

Photo: via Fundacion Rescatame

And to make maters worse Vicente had even got dressed in an adorable little tuxedo outfit… 🙁

Photo: via Fundacion Rescatame

However, The adoption shelter took to Facebook to tell Vicente’s story.

They wrote:

“Vicente’s alleged adopter never came for him. When he was ready for a home, bathed, he canceled his adoption. Then they ask us why we’re so strict with the process, for this reason! Because we don’t want to have any doubt that our furry ones will be in excellent hands for LIFE. If you want to adopt, keep in mind that it’s a commitment forever, animals are not things you can dispose of when you miss the desire to have a dog.”

And But thankfully, Vicente’s story has a happy ending!

Photo: via Fundacion Rescatame

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