Helping Our Teacher’s on the World Teacher’s Day

Teacher's Day

October 5th is one of the most important days of the year. This is World Teachers Day, and really important to every young mind in the world. One of the hardest forms of employment is teaching.

Depending on the way you look at it, each parent is also a teacher at one point in their life. Parents are one of the first teachers for their children. However, those individuals that we trust the minds of our little ones with are special indeed.

Knowing how to help our teacher’s with our children can make all the difference to both the teacher as well as to the child.


One of the biggest things that is missed in regards to the relationship between parent, teacher, and student; communication can be attempted in several different ways.

Talk to your children about their day. Many times you will find so many of the troubles your child is having in class through dinner time or talking time.

Many schools provide agendas and teacher’s emails to help parents keep in touch with their teachers. Keeping in touch with your child’s teacher and ensure that both you and your child are happy with everything going on in class.

Classroom interaction is important. Volunteer in your children’s classroom. This can help your child to realize that communication between you and the teacher are important.

Support the Teacher

Another very important thing when you have teachers in your life is to be sure that you support the decisions made in the classroom as well as the things that are taught in class.

Read to your children. This is something that every teacher wants the children in their class to practice. One of the best ways for our children to practice this is through reading to them. As well as, letting your children see you reading.

Respecting the time schedules designed by the teacher and school. So many teachers have specific times that they do special things. Be sure to give your teacher enough notice that your presence or need will not interrupt the flow of the class.

Keep teaching at home. It is important that your children are learning at home as well as in school. Continue to expand on the things that are taught in the classroom while at home.

On October 5th, 2014 it is important to remember that our teachers are important. World Teachers Day is one day that is dedicated to them and the things that the do to our children. Expanding our children’s minds while nurturing their hearts as well.

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