Here’s The Reason Why You Don’t See The Riddler’s Face In ‘The Batman’ Trailers

So, most fans have seen the latest incredible ‘The Batman’ trailer. But one thing that is consistent even from the first trailer is that the Riddler is not revealed. We see the other villains face’s including the Penguin. But the Riddler, played by actor Paul Dano remains a big mystery.

Superhero films are obviously fond of fake reveals or withholding information, but the way The Batman’s trailers appear to be concealing Paul Dano’s face feels particularly intentional. It nearly begs the issue of whether or not the film’s rendition of The Riddler is part of a greater plot surprise.

It might indicate that Nashton (Riddler) is hiding in plain sight as a citizen or perhaps a GCPD officer elsewhere in the film while conducting his atrocities, a type of double-life that some real-life serial murderers have adopted in order to make the disclosure that he’s actually The Riddler feel more momentous.

There’s also the chance that Dano’s Nashton isn’t the genuine Riddler, and that he’s either working with someone else or acting as a front for the real killer.

While the first two trailers do not clearly establish that possibility, they also do not rule it out, and with The Batman’s March 2022 release date nearing, perhaps we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

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