TikTok Video Showing 8-Month-Old Baby Being Thrown Into Swimming Pool Sparks a Huge Debate

Krysta Meyer, a 27-year-old Colorado Springs parent of two boys, established a TikTok account in February. Her movies had a couple thousand views apiece until this past weekend, if she was lucky.

In just three days, however, one of her videos showcasing her youngest kid, 8-month-old Oliver, has gone extremely popular, with over 51 million views on TikTok and another 20 million views on Twitter.

A swim teacher throws the infant into the water in the video.

“Oliver impresses me every week!” she said in the caption. “I can’t believe he’s just been here two months and is already catching on. He’s a little fish.”


This video has created a firestorm of contraveray. Many condemning the woman for throwing the baby into the water like that.

However organizations like “Parents Preventing Childhood Drowning” say otherwise.

From Buzzfeednews.com:

Jenny Bennett, who cofounded Parents Preventing Childhood Drowning after her 18-month-old son drowned in a backyard pool in 2016, told BuzzFeed News that children should start working with instructors as soon as they are mobile.

“In some kids, that’s as young as 6 months,” she said. “If they’re able to crawl, they’re able to crawl to a body of water.”

One prominent group, the Infant Swimming Resource, says they’ve taught more than 300,000 children since their method was developed more than 50 years ago and have documented some 800 cases where their taught skills have saved lives.

Read the entire article here: www.buzzfeednews.com

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