Here’s When Marvel’s Eternals Is Streaming on Disney+

When will Marvel’s Eternals be available on Disney+? Eternals, the third film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase Four, premiered in cinemas on November 5 and will be available on the Disney+ streaming service after at least 45 days of theatrical exclusivity.

Unlike Marvel’s Black Widow, which was accessible for streaming via Disney Premier Access for a price the same day it was released in theaters, Eternals was never digitally distributed for Disney+ subscribers to watch at home. Here’s when Eternals will be available for free to all Disney+ users, as well as how to watch Eternals at home:

From comicbook.com:

When Will Eternals Be Available to Stream on Disney+?
Eternals will reportedly reach Disney+ after nearly 70 days in theaters. According to Streaming Guider, Eternals will become available to stream on Disney+ on January 12, 2022.

Where Can I Stream Eternals?
Eternals will become available for digital download on platforms like Apple TV and Prime Video once it’s streaming on Disney+. If you have an active Disney+ subscription, you can stream Eternals at no additional cost starting January 12.

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