Heroic pizza delivery guy runs into burning house to save 5 kids trapped inside

Nicholas Bostic, 25, is an Indiana pizza delivery driver. At 12:30 a.m., he was driving. when he noticed a little fire erupting from a two-story residence

Nick came to a halt and reversed to get a closer look, then tried flagging down another passing car but was unsuccessful.

Bostic made his way inside the house. The lights were turned on, and it appeared that the building had been evacuated.

When Nick spotted four individuals coming down the stairs, he called again and went up the steps.
David and Tiera Barrett departed for date night 30 minutes earlier. When the house caught fire, it was their 18-year-old daughter who awakened her siblings up.

Nick turned to walk out the rear door with the kids.

That’s when they informed him that their 6-year-old sister remained inside.
Nick dashed to the second story, moving from room to room, inspecting every potential hiding spot for a child.

He then heard weeping coming from the first level.

With all the smoke, Nick couldn’t see, so he pulled his shirt up across his lips and closed his eyes.

Nick discovered the child and cradled her to his shoulder. He needed to find the front or back entrance but couldn’t see anything till he glanced above and noticed some light.

He discovered a second-floor bedroom and hit the window many times before smashing it.

Nick had no idea how high up they were, but he had no option.
Nick took the leap and landed on his right side. He hurt his backside, arm, and ankle.

He absorbed the hit for the small child, and it worked since she “was surprisingly mostly unhurt.”

At 12:36 a.m., police video shows Nick taking the girl to an officer. He requested oxygen and inquired about the girl’s well-being.

The officers used a tourniquet on his wounded arm before transporting him to Franciscan Health Hospital in Lafayette. Nick was then assigned to Eskenazi Hospital in Indianapolis.

Nick sustained significant smoke inhalation and arm injuries from smashing the glass.

Everyone within the house escaped unscathed. EMTs saved the family dog, Buffy.

David and Tiera expressed gratitude to Nick and the rest of the community for saving their children. David even claims Nick is now a member of the family, with dinner reservations being established soon after.

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