Homeless Contortionist Contestant Has Judges Squirming In Their Seats

You may be asking yourself what style of dance this 21-year-old is so passionate about? Turf dancing, of course! The style was developed in Oakland, California and it turns out that “turf” is an acronym for Taking Up Room on the Floor, and that’s exactly what Alonso Jones does!

TURF as a dance style originated as an outlet for inner-city youths to safely express their culture and what side of town they represented. So it is apt that it became Alonso’s favorite style, as it uniquely reflects the background and environment he grew up in. What better way to tell the story of a street dancer than through a style that grew from the streets themselves?

In his audition, Turf chose to open with a robot dance to “Boom, Boom, Pow” moving so fluidly you start to question if he’s real! The audience weren’t the only people with a blown mind though. The reaction of the crowd to Turf’s performance elicited quite the emotional response from the dancer.

With tears flowing down his cheeks, the contortionist choked out a thank you to the audience, explaining that just being able to give his opening performance in front of them was the moment in which his dreams came true! Watch the video below to see this amazing performance!

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source: YouTube

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