Woman says: “I’m too hot to date — men are intimidated and it’s a curse”

“I’m a little too sexy for my date.”

Attractive appearance appear to ensure someone a love companion. Yet, one TikTok influencer in California claims she’s so gorgeous that guys won’t even date her because they’re “intimidated” by her beauty. In a TikTok video with over 3.7 million views, she bemoaned her “beautiful” looks.

From nypost.com:

“Being incredibly hot is honestly a curse,” Hope Schwing, 24, wrote in the clip while describing the hardship of being allegedly too sweltering to handle. “No one talks about how hard it is to be literally so hot that you can’t get a bf because all men are extremely scared and intimidated by you.”

The self-proclaimed “chronically single” Los Angeles native told Jam Press she’s “never been in a serious relationship, except for ‘puppy love’ type stuff in early high school that didn’t last for more than a month.”

But here’s the thing…this woman was not serious about this. Yes, it was all a hoax! She did it all as just a joke. Don’t believe us, check out her post below! Crazy.


This cannot be happening *****

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