Importance of Teaching Basic First Aid to Children

It is unfortunate that sometimes, when a mishap or personal injuries happen, a grown-up is not available, however there are basic first aid procedures that all kids should learn that if mastered correctly can save the day for themselves as well as others. This however does not mean that a kid can examine and tend to a critical health situation in the same way as an adult, yet kids can often implement basic first aid that makes a huge impact until proper medical care can be received.

Basic first aid remedies all children must know, has to be geared toward the common types of accidents which occur constantly in the life of a proactive child, along with a few potential life-saving strategies which are reasonably easy to understand. However, please keep in mind that the different forms of basic first aid all kids need to know must be tailored to fit an individual child’s maturity level and intelligence.

For instance, a young child who is 6 or 7 years old may be too young to grasp the understanding of when and how to apply CPR to an injured individual, while most teenagers are quite capable of rescuing a life in this manner. First aid all children ought to know, when it comes to younger children, must stick to addressing bruises, minor cuts and burns, and sprains. Going too heavily into detail with small kids only serves to baffle them, raising the possibility that they may actually make the matter more serious.

As it applies to basic first aid all kids must know, perhaps the most important lesson is to get help and adult involvement in the fastest manner probable any time a serious injury happens. Basic first aid all older kids should be aware of could be more complex and detailed, addressing more serious health conditions. Various forms of resuscitation, splinting brittle bones, and tending to a person who is experiencing shock due to a terrible injury are all aspects of first aid that teens can easily digest and learn with a little basic knowledge.

Lastly, basic first aid all children should know is how to treat a friend or family member they have regular contact with, who has a chronic or life-threatening condition. Something as simple as an 8 year old placing a nitroglycerin tablet in the mouth of a grandparent who is going through a heart attack needs no knowledge over and above a very rudimentary understanding, and this tip is served as the first tip that all children must know.

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