Insomniac Is Developing A Wolverine PS5 Game

The best at what he does is back and better than ever…

Marvel Entertainment

Hello comic book fans. There has been an epic explosion of exciting announcements and reveals coming from PlayStation’s Showcase on Thursday September 9th and for Marvel fans, nothing is more thrilling than an official announcement from Marvel and PlayStation about a new Wolverine game.

Coming from the brilliant studio behind the classic Spyro and Rachet & Clank games along with the more modern reimagining which were in many ways superior. Insomniac looks to reinvigorate another hero with a barren landscape of games similar to their past work with Spider-Man 1 and Miles Morales.

Wolverine is the perfect character for Insomniac to play around with and from what we can conclude from the trailer, it looks as if this game will be more brutal and violent not only during gameplay sequences, but also in overall tone. In the trailer we see the proud maple leaf citizen sitting down at a bar all by his lonesome (excusing the countless motionless bodies strung all around the room).

Then a lone bub pulls a knife, and slowly moves to attack Wolverine. The attention to detail is amazing as you can even hear his bones shifting and the faint sound of flesh right before he uses his claws.

Sadly, after this scene it cuts to black and we are shown the title. All in all this game is still probably far off, but with the news that Insomniac is heading development we can only be optimistic!

Insomniac Games’ Wolverine is currently in development for PlayStation 5, with no release window announced as of yet.

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