It’s Official: MTN DEW Is Bringing Back Its Most Popular Flavor

Mountain DEW has been releasing new flavors at an increasing rate, one after the other.

Not until now, has any of those releases resulted in the reintroduction of MTN DEW Pitch Black, a combination initially designed for a Halloween release. Mountain  DEW executives officially answered long-standing rumors on Tuesday, confirming the reintroduction of the purple nectar in January.

While it will not be part of the permanent DEW selection for the time being, a few additional versions will be accessible. Pitch Black will be available in standard and Zero Sugar forms when it is released for a limited period in January. There will also be a Mountain DEW Energy drink flavored after the dark citrus drink.

First debuted in 2004 as a sour grape MTN DEW, the legendary soda brand changed the taste for a second release in 2005 as Pitch Black II. Since then, it’s remained scarce, prompting fans to repeatedly request that the taste be made accessible on a more permanent basis. Though DEW experimented in sour sodas with this year’s VooDew 4, the new Pitch Black appears to be somewhat altered once again, featuring a “dark citrus punch” taste.

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