Jared Leto’s Joker In Justice League Revealed

Zack Snyder has just revealed Jared Leto’s new look for the forthcoming Justice League movie. The picture, which sees Leto reimagined in a style that recalls Grant Morrison’s “Clown at Midnight” style for the role, also abandons the one aspect of David Ayer’s Joker from Suicide Squad that was most controversial, with all the tattoos. 

They are replaced with a lot of cuts and scars, calling back to the Christopher Nolan’s Joker from the Dark Knight Trilogy which won Heath Ledger an oscar for that iconic role. 

The announcement that Leto will return as the Joker for Justice League was a leak that was only announced at the very last minute. According to Snyder, it was one of the few things that he came to during reshoots, which were mainly built to pick up shots he had already expected, but never had the chance to get until he had to quit the development of Justice League in 2017.


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