Jennifer Garner Reveals How Ben Affleck Allegedly Destroyed The Family After Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Garner has had a complex connection with the paparazzi throughout the course of her 20-year Hollywood career. Photographers flocked to her wedding to Ben Affleck in 2005, hoping to get images of the couple and their children.

During a recent interview, Garner discussed what parenting was like while married to Affleck. The actress characterized the experience as a “complete circus.”

Garner and Affleck had three children during their marriage: Violet, 14, Seraphina, 11, and Samuel, 8. Garner told PBS’ Kelly Corrigan that the paparazzi followed her family everywhere, even her daughter’s soccer tournaments.

She claims that photographers would follow them to the soccer field, and that it was such a “zoo” that the other families at the game felt uneasy. Garner claims that the other families did not want her daughter to participate in the game.

But now getting to Garner and Afflecks relationship, at this point, I’m sure everyone is aware that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have rekindled their romance and are dating again.

Their family and friends are overjoyed and supportive of their restored romance, but Ben Affleck’s ex-wife of ten years, Jennifer Garner, has been silent on the matter…until lately.

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