Joaquin Phoenix And Robert DeNiro Clashed On Joker Set Over Table Reads

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There is no denying even from it’s critics that the Joker movie exceeded expectations and went on to become one of the best movies of the year, with an iconic performance by Joaquin Phoenix.

However, behind the scenes, it looks like things may not have gone as smoothly as you would expect, as it has been reported that Robert De Niro and Joaquin Phoenix allegedly came to blows during the rehearsals for one very particular reason.

Phoenix’s depiction of Arthur Fleck was absolutey fantastic – so much so that he won an Oscar – but the film still wouldn’t be what it is without some amazing supporting roles…namely Robert De Niro’s portral of Murray Franklin.

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From Unilad:

The argument specifically relates to the film’s table read, which is when the cast and crew read through the entirety of the script so that everyone is aware of the full story, and not just their own scenes. According to reports in GQ, while Phoenix doesn’t like to do table reads, De Niro is said to have demanded one. This is because Phoenix’s method uses his own anxiety to fuel his acting, and therefore feeds from spontaneity – something that directly conflicts with rehearsing and reading through lines.

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