John Stamos Cast as Tony Stark in Spider-Man Series

Tony Stark will be played by John Stamos in the forthcoming second season of Disney’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends.

This season, the series, which centers on Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and Spider-Gwen, will introduce a number of new Marvel characters, including Ant-Man (Sean Giambrone), The Wasp (Maya Tuttle), Sandman (Tom Wilson), and Iron Man, who will assist Team Spider in overcoming challenges such as Electro.

Over at Entertainment Weekly, they have a bunch of new season images, including a first glimpse at Tony Stark, who is dressed in a tracksuit and fancy Marvel Cinematic Universe-style spectacles.

Spidey’s relationship with Iron Man was a key emotional component of the Marvel movies from Captain America: Civil War forward, iterating on the “Tony-as-father-figure” dynamic established in the comics on which that movie was based. It created some powerful (and viral) moments, but sometimes drew criticism from comics fans over how much it changed Spider-Man’s mythology.

Check out how Tony will look below:

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