Johnny Depp Roasted Amber Heard’s Lawyer With Savage Comebacks

Johnny Depp has amassed a wealth over the course of his career, thanks to a wave of blockbusters and a few disasters. Sure, he’s spent a lot of his money in allegedly excessive ways, but he’s still a huge success.

However, Johnny has claimed that his career and, more crucially, his personal life have suffered a hit as a result of the charges brought against him by his former wife, Amber Heard.

Johnny has denied all of these “heinous” charges. And, as of this writing, he is in court defending his reputation and his life really.

But Johnny’s struggle to clear his name hasn’t always been civil. Both his and Amber’s sides have launched some vicious blows, many of which have been reported in the press.

That’s not to say the experience hasn’t been enjoyable, although in a melancholy sense. In reality, whether he intends to or not, Johnny Depp has found ways to make this really difficult period amusing.

And he’s done it by mocking Amber Heard’s lawyer, Ben Rottenborn, with some brutal retorts in front of the court, jury, and the entire world.

Johnny Depp Was Waiting To Be Interrupted By Ben Rottenborn:
“Objection, your honor, hearsay” has been a legal term thrown around a lot during the Johnny Depp/Amber Head defamation trial. Ben Rottenborn has continuously interrupted Johnny while he’s been up testifying.

His justification was that Johnny was repeating information from people not present and therefore the facts cannot be confirmed or denied. On most occasions, the judge has sided with either legal team citing this objection.

When Mr. Rottenborn interrupted him, Johnny was visibly perplexed and irritated. As a result, he decided to try something new. On one of the days, Johnny opted to take well-timed pauses, giving Mr. Rottenborn the opportunity to interject.

Johnny’s ferocious looks as the lawyer took advantage of the situation have gone viral on the internet. But it’s Johnny’s startled expression when Mr. Rottenborn doesn’t object that’s the funniest.

From msn.com:

Johnny Called Out The Lawyer’s Objections:
When Mr. Ben Rottenborn continuously called out Johnny’s lawyer for asking questions he didn’t like, she decided to move on.

“Let me ask you a different question,” Johnny’s lawyer said to him.

“Yes, let’s let him object to another one,” Johnny smiled, earning laughs from the gallery.

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