Johnny Depp fans stunned as star appears ‘unrecognizable’ as he poses for selfies

Johnny Depp surprised his followers by revealing a new appearance.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor arrived in New York on Saturday to greet fans before a performance.

While the 59-year-old wore his usual dark shades, beret-style hat, and hefty rings, viewers noticed one element was glaringly missing from his ensemble.

For the first time since his blockbuster defamation trial earlier this summer, the actor went shaved, shaving off his beard and goatee.

To say the least, fan reactions to the new design have been mixed.

Some Depp supporters defended his new style, stating that he didn’t seem that different – and that even if he did, it was normal given the emotional turmoil of his divorce battle with ex-wife Amber Heard.

“It’s called being happy after a split up,” one person tweeted, while another defended the star: “He’s pretty recognizable if you have eyes.”

However, other people thought that the Edward Scissorhands actor looked less like himself and more like a whole host of other celebrities.

“This is Tarantino in a wig and you know it,” one commented. “Looking like @OzzyOsbourne these days,” another wrote, while a third queried: “Did he dress up as Sam Kinison for Halloween?”

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