Watch Johnny Depp Looking Uneasy Around Alleged Abuser Amber Heard

This isn’t the first time Johnny Depp is said to have looked at Amber for permission. It’s seen in previous videos as well, and he plainly appears uneasy around her.

But this one video in particular jumped out to me. It was at the Mortdecai premiere. Even though this video is barely two minutes long, there was something strange going on between them.

You must pay close attention to his body language. He mouths “Stop” to Amber (twice) at the start, as though she didn’t want him to conduct the interview.

He then shook his head “no,” and the interview continued. He pulled back a little after catching eyes with Amber, maybe because he was afraid of upsetting her by going against her wishes.

He also had a plaster on his finger…not sure how that happened.  It’s just conjecture. He seemed to be continuously checking to see if she was happy with how the interview was going while answering questions.

Furthermore, she seemed to have claimed to be having fun despite the fact that she was aware they were being monitored. He may have unintentionally used phrases like ‘out of control’ and ‘difficult’ to describe the situation at the back then when they were together.

“Can we go?” he requested at the end of the interview. Why does he need to get her permission? Was this the case throughout their relationship? If that’s the case, I truly feel for Johnny.

Please share your opinions on this video in the comments section below. Is this a case of psychological abuse or not? Thanks!

Watch the very uncomfortable interview below.

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