Johnny Depp Claims Amber Heard Faked A Bloody Nose With Red Nail Polish

The feud between former husband Johnny Depp and Amber Heard shows no signs of abating. New charges are being leveled on a weekly basis, and there is no end in sight to the judicial processes. The newest complaint comes from Depp’s longtime buddy Josh Richman. He claims the actor had a Kleenex smeared in red nail paint, which he alleges Heard tried to pass off as blood during a fight with her then-husband.

Richman, who has purportedly known Depp for almost 30 years, mentioned the Kleenex during a deposition obtained by The Blast. The piece that has been made public focuses mostly on Depp and Heard’s wedding, and more specifically, Richman’s opinion that many close to the actor were not pleased with his impending marriage. Here’s an excerpt from his quote…

We, and certainly I knew from Johnny that prior to the wedding that on a night they had an argument, Johnny recounted to me, Amber went into the bathroom, and came out with a Kleenex with red on it, saying he had given her a bloody nose. But after the incident, he retrieved the Kleenex, which he says he still has to this day. Amber had placed red nail polish on the Kleenex.

This is what Johnny’s buddy had claimed long before this new trial had begun.

But now Johnny is revealing all the details of the incident during the current trial vs Amber Heard.

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