Jon Voight Calls Joe Biden and Democrats Satanic in Bizarre Twitter Video

Angelina Jolie’s actor and father Jon Voight, posted a two-minute Tweet clip yesterday (11 November) labeling Donald Trump’s legal challenge against the election outcome “the largest struggle since the Civil War.”

Voight, an ardent Republican and Trump fan, railed against the “evil” Democrats, claiming that he was “disgusted by this lie” that Joe Biden had won.

In one aspect of the video, the 81-year-old likened the President-elect to “Satan.”

The video, which Twitter labels as contentious, has been viewed over 2.5 million times. Viewers were swift to express their views on the divisive clip.

One of the reactions involved, True Lies actor Tom Arnold, who likened the clip to a “hostage video.”

Others reported the video on Twitter, saying that the clip was “inciting abuse.” Actor Emma Kennedy kept her critique brief, adding, “Thanks. I’ve definitely recorded you.”

Many users have responded to Voight’s tweet by simply linking to articles – notably this New York Times piece – that disprove Trump’s claims of voter fraud.

The reactions were not all criticism, however, with many Trump supporters praising Voight for sharing the clip.

Here is the shocking video below:

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