Jordan Peterson shames SI Swimsuit model Yumi Nu as ‘not beautiful’

A contentious clinical psychologist and YouTuber weighs in on model Yumi Nu’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover.

Dr. Jordan Peterson tweeted a passage from The Washington Post’s piece about the plus-size model’s cover debut on Monday, saying, “Sorry. It’s not pretty. No amount of authoritarian tolerance will change that.”

“It’s a conscious progressive attempt to manipulate & retool the notion of beauty, reliant on the idiot philosophy that such preferences are learned & properly changed by those who know better,” Peterson responded, with two links to scientific studies on attractiveness.

“But don’t let the facts stop you,” he finished.

The Canadian best-selling author of “12 Rules For Life” is known to his nearly 5 million YouTube subscribers as a conservative intellectual who shared his views on cultural and political issues.

Social media users responded vehemently to his remarks, with some advising the scholar to research the history of beauty standards.

Nonetheless, by focusing on Nu’s plus-size appearance, some appeared to concur with at least part of Peterson’s critique.

Source Credit: nypost.com

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