Judges Are Confused When 8-Year-Old Asks For A Cup, Rise In Applause When She Sings With It

An eight-year-old named Larissa worked up the courage to walk on stage in front of hundreds to audition for “The Voice Kids” in Germany. When she walked out onto the stage with a plastic cup — the audience were bewildered.

Little did the audience and judges know — she was about knock them off their feet with an incredible vocal and rhythmic performance.

Many kids auditioning on the show perform German songs, but little Larissa decided on a favorite American song called “Cups.” You’re probably familiar with it!

The song is a version of another that came out in 1931 called “When I’m Gone” which was the Carter Family song. It was then made viral on YouTube by Lulu and The Lampshades. It was made even more famous when Anna Kendrick performed it for the popular movie “Pitch Perfect.”

Since it regained popularity, hundreds of versions and renditions have been uploaded to YouTube. Each performer putting their unique twist on the song — sometimes with a cup, other times without.

The cup is usually used to keep rhythm with the fun song. When the little girl starts her performance — you’re going to love the looks on their faces!

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