Judges Dismiss Girl Singing An Original Song, Then Call Her The Next Taylor Swift After Watching Her

You might recognize her name from winning the 11th season of America’s Got Talent. Her name is Grace VanderWaal and she was the youngest winner of the show — and for good reason. The 12-year-old’s performance completely stunned the judges.

The young artist is originally from Kansas but now lives in New York City. When Grace entered the stage, she introduced herself and announced to the judges that she would be performing an original song.

The judges were a bit taken aback because they weren’t sure if that was the best move for her to get past the first round. They were hesitant to see if such a young girl could impress them with an original song.

Simon Cowell even blatantly asked her if she truly believed she could win by singing an original song. Her response was absolutely perfect, “Well, miracles can happen so possibly.”

She began to strum her ukelele and sing a song completely written on her own — it’s titled “I Don’t Know My Name.” Simon Cowell immediately realized that she wasn’t kidding about what she had said earlier.

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