Justice League Snyder Cut Clip and Announcement Breakdown

What’s ironic about all the Ray Fisher/Joss Whedon controversy is that Ray Fisher’s Cyborg who didn’t really have that much airtime in the original Justice League movie looks to have a much more prominent role in the Snyder Cut…significantly more.

This might explain why we are now seeing so much anger and frustration from Ray Fisher on social media. Because he really only had a fraction of airtime when compared to the other main characters from Whedon’s version of the movie.

But with Snyder’s version, we should get more background on him and what motivates him to do what he is doing, etc. Along with a lot of deleted scenes that should get added back. In fact, some of those deleted scenes leaked online.

Superman is another character that will get a lot more screen time which we are all looking forward too, given how great Henry Cavill is in that role.

Check out the video Emergency Awesome just dropped regarding all this and more breaking news around The upcoming Justice League movie.

Source Credit: Emergency Awesome

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