Justin Bieber Battling Virus That Has Paralyzed Part of His Face

Justin Bieber has been suffering a terrible infection that has rendered the right half of his face paralyzed, and he will need to take some time off to recover.

The musician sent a video with fans on Friday explaining why he had to cancel many gigs over the previous week, citing a diagnosis of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. According to Bieber, it has impacted a nerve in his ear, causing paralysis.

Justin is unable to blink with one of his eyes and can only grin with one side of his mouth, as seen in the video.

While JB apologizes to fans for missing the recent gigs, he says the situation is “very severe” and that he’ll need to take an unspecified period of time off to concentrate on getting healthy.

He claims to have been practicing facial exercises and that with practice, everything will return to normal; it’s unclear how long this will take.

Watch Justin explain the shocking condition in the video below:

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