‘Rick and Morty’ Creator Justin Roiland Has Been Cleared of Domestic Violence Charges, Slams ‘Horrible Lies Reported About Me’

Variety confirmed that “Rick and Morty” creator Justin Roiland has been cleared of domestic violence allegations. “We dismissed the charges today as a result of having insufficient evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt,” said Kimberly Edds, spokesperson for the Orange County District Attorney’s office.

Roiland responded to the dropped accusations on social media, stating in a statement that he is “grateful the case has been dismissed.” “I’m still deeply shaken by the horrible lies that were reported about me during this process,” he continued.

Roiland appeared in court for a pre-trial hearing in January after being charged with one felony crime of domestic abuse with corporal harm and one felony offense of false detention by threat, violence, fraud, and/or deception. In 2020, he pled not guilty to the accusations. On April 27, a second pre-trial hearing was planned.

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