Kamala Harris Dated Talk Show Host Montel Williams in 2001

We all recognize that Kamala Harris has made history by being elected the first Black , Asian and female Vice President, but a lot of people probably don’t realize that she used to date Montel Williams! That’s right. The talk show host..Montel Williams.

Once this news got out and hit the Internet on Friday, the story exploded, as the images of the VP-elect and the long-standing talk show host of the 2001 charity event have reappeared.

The picture also contains Montel ‘s daughter, Ashley, with Montel and his arm around both ladies. And they are all appearing to be laughing with him.

What is crazy is, Montel Williams dumped this juicy bit of news on Twitter more than a year ago, verifying a rumor circulated regarding his friendship with Harris.

There must not have been many people following Montel’s messages back then, and of course Harris wasn’t involved with the Biden group back then.

Read the entire article here: www.tmz.com

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