WATCH: Keanu Reeves As Ghost Rider In Marvel Phase 4 Movie?

Keanu Reeves is attached to yet another movie role. And when you stop to think about it…Mr Reeves is really building a very impressive list of iconic roles.

But recently he has been attached to quite a number of different roles.

Adding to the extensive rundown that as of now includes Adam Warlock, Silver Surfer, Wolverine, and now Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider in the Marvel Cinematic universe.

Personally, I think Keanu would do an amazing job as Johnny Blaze. I think he could show the charisma and toughness that the role would require.

But you have to understand something…Kevin Feige talks to Keanu about playing in just about every Marvel movie that has come out now.

But the good folks over at ‘Everything Always’ youtube channel broke down all this news and more. And it was pretty fascinating!

Check out that video below and let us know what you think about Keanu Reeves as Ghost Rider!

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