Kevin Bacon Responds to Robert Englund Casting Him as Freddy Krueger

The thought of someone other than Robert Englund playing Freddy Krueger is one of those topics that will always spark heated debate on social media.

While there was an attempt to revive A Nightmare on Elm Street over a decade ago, the picture was plagued by a sense of “been-there-done-that,” as well as the fact that many fans simply didn’t connect with Jackie Earle Haley’s depiction of the legendary villain.

Englund, on the other hand, has already stated that he feels Kevin Bacon should be the next person to take on the job, and the ever-popular Bacon has now replied to the suggestion.

Having played child-murdering Krueger in all seven original Elm Street movies, a Friday the 13th crossover, a short-lived TV series and numerous other guest appearances, Robert Englund essentially is Freddy Krueger. Unlike Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees, who don’t speak and have their faces hidden behind a mask, Krueger’s features and voice all come from Englund, and that makes it difficult for fans to get past a recasting. However, as Englund’s choice, it seems that Kevin Bacon stands by his motto of “never say never” when it comes to possibly taking on the mantle.

“Never say never. I mean, I say, “Never say never,” but I really do follow that. There’s very few things that I go, “Nah, nah.” You just never know.”

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