Kevin Hart Is Ending Relationship With Dwayne Johnson

For a long time, Hollywood has been involved with reboots and remakes, but many reboots have not been well received.

Of the several reboots, one has been made into a new franchise: Jumani. Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, and Jack Black appear in the new franchise.

Although most reboots strive to regurgitate the same humor and stories, some discover a fresh formula that pays respect to the previous picture. Jumanji finds a way to be modern while retaining the charm of the original 1995 film.

The new franchise may be popular just because of the new cast and how their personas and personalities melded into something that keeps fans coming back for more. Essentially, Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson’s banter and chemistry usually result in great box office figures.

Kevin Hart confirmed to Variety at a celebrity event that he and Johnson are working on the second chapter of Jumanji.

The endeavor, though, will be the pair’s “final chapter.”

Here’s the clip of the interview below:

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