Kodi Lee Performs “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles On ‘AGT: The Champions’ Final

This might be one of the very best America’s Got Talent performances.

Harry Styles has said before that he get’s emotional when singing “Sign of The times”, but I have to tell you…when Kodi Lee performed Harry’s sign of the times on Monday..I was in tears. It was incredible.

Lee was born with optic nerve hypoplasia and underwent a life-saving operation at just 5 days old. He was also diagnosed with autism at an early age, but neither has curbed his astonishing musical abilities. 


Source Credit: Billboard

Golden Retriever Teaches Puppy to Use the Stairs!

Japan, a celebrity golden retriever who is known for his helping paw, already has thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram!

This time Japan was seen assisting a puppy to navigate a flight of stairs.

He starts off being firm and finally puts his paw on the puppy’s back for encouragement!

Thanks to Pan Palida for uploading this on YouTube and to Mirror for featuring it!

This Courageous Pit Bull Saves A Woman From Her Husband In a Fight!

When you think of the Pit Bull dog breed what first comes to mind?  Well, we have been longtime Pit Bull dog lovers and we have nothing but great things to say about these amazing dogs.

We can’t tell you how many wonderful stories we have read and seen regarding these incredible dogs. Time after time, they leap in when danger threatens.

Like many other dogs, Pit Bulls will bond with one particular human within their family. And when that human is threatened, they’ll do anything to protect them.

In the video you will hear the story of a Pit Bull dog who saves a woman from her husband in what was a domestic fight. It continues to amaze me just how courageous Pit Bull dogs really are!

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This video really shows just how courageous and wonderful pit bull dogs are! Yet again – the Pit Bull stereotype has been broken. They are such an incredible breed.

Please share this with any of your friends or family that adore Pit Bulls as much as we do!

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