Krispy Kreme Giving Free Doughnuts to Voters on Tuesday

Krispy Kreme is offering a free giveaway of doughnuts to everyone who takes part in election day activities all day today (Tuesday). To get your free doughnut, show up to your nearest Krispy Kreme store and you’ll be able to claim a free Original Glazed Doughnut with zero strings attached.

In addition, the chain would also send you a free “I Vote” sticker if your interested in that.

“If you’re out and about on Election Day, we want to thank you by giving you a free Original Glazed doughnut,” Krispy Kremer chief marketer Dave Skena said in a press release. “And if you didn’t get your ‘I Voted’ sticker because you voted before election day, we’ve got you covered there too.”

The company’s statement added, “To celebrate and share the pride that comes with voting, Krispy Kreme will also make available to guests on Election Day ‘I Voted’ stickers. These stickers, a badge of pride for any voter are more difficult to attain due to the increase in people voting by mail and pandemic-related health precautions being taken at polling places throughout the country.”

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