Leah Remini Calls Out Tom Cruise For His ‘Crimes Against Humanity’

Top Gun: Maverick, Cruise’s latest film, is now going sky high in theaters, and breaking records in theaters, however the lead actor has been accused of participating in ‘crimes against humanity.’

Leah Remini, who was a Scientologist until leaving in 2013, has always been public about her unpleasant experiences with the church, and she has now published criticism of Cruise penned by Claire Headley online.

Claire and Marc, former Scientologists, launched a lawsuit against the Church of Scientology in 2009, saying that the organization violates human trafficking statutes and people’s human rights.

Their action was rejected because the courts determined that the Church of Scientology was covered by a legal notion in US law known as “ministerial exemption,” which protects religious organizations.

Remini, who shared the allegations against Cruise and Scientology, cautioned people: ‘don’t let the movie star charm fool you’.

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