Lena the Rottweiler Plays with an Adorable Labrador Puppy

In one of our previous articles, we featured guilty Lena the Rottweiler helping herself to a nice cold shower. This time, the gentle dog is playing with a cute Labrador puppy!

Amazingly, she is very much aware how small and fragile the Lab pup is so she’s really taking it easy on him. It’s nice to see a breed so big and intimidating act so gentle and considerate to those who are delicate and weak.

You can really tell that Lena was raised well by her loving family. She handles her Lab puppy buddy really well.

Lena is a vlogger! Follow the video to her channel and see more of her on her YouTube page! Lots of cuteness going on in there.
She’s so adorable and gentle and sensitive; an epitome of a properly trained Rottweiler. Lena the Rottweiler is beautiful from inside out.

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