Loki Just Spoiled a Huge Character Reveal In The Episode 2 Credits


The fandom is still reeling from the revelation that the variant Loki and Mobius are not just another Loki, but a female Loki. At least, that’s how it appears. However, an astute watcher saw a mid-credits leak that could revolutionize all we know about this new persona and Loki himself.

Twitter user @lotrkenobi noticed something strange in the end credits of Loki Episode 2. No, not the stylized credits showing the TVA office. Not even the many, many credits for different VFX studios involved. This leak came from the credits for the international dubbing, particularly the voiceover in the Spanish dialect of Castilian.

While other credits like the original dialogue and Italian dubbing credit Sophia di Martino’s role as “The Variant,” the Castilian credits list this second-billed role as “Sylvie.” (Inverse independently confirmed this leak, which only appears in the Castilian credits and not in any other language version of Loki Episode 2.)

For any fan of the Young Avengers, this means one thing — Enchantress.

Read the entire article here: www.inverse.com

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