Man Arrested for Choking Ex-Girlfriend’s Dog With Leash On Doorbell Cam

Just when I think I have seen just how low and disgusting people can be, today I get reminded there’s always someone worse.

And since I am a dog lover this story hits me even harder and angers someone like me even more than the average person.

A guy was caught on camera choking his ex-girlfriend’s dog — and now … he’s facing criminal charges for the sickeningly evil deed. 30-year-old Shane Mitchell allegedly took his ex’s pup — a Doberman named Rubyjean — without permission, and when he showed up at the owner’s front door with Rubyjean, the owner threatened him with a call to the cops. That set Mitchell off, and what happened next is disturbing.

Photo: TMZ

Clearly he get’s an attitude then shockingly starts abusing and choking this poor dog.

Read on to the next page below to see the video of this guy acting crazy toward this dog.

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