Man becomes first known person to be infected by killer plant fungus

Once a lethal plant fungus moved from plant to person, a 61-year-old man unfortunately became the first reported human to be sick from it.

After months of flu-like symptoms, an Indian plant mycologist contracted the fungal illness.

He also had difficulty swallowing for three months before physicians performed scans that revealed a massive abscess in his windpipe.

Physicians drained the abscess and submitted infection samples to the lab for testing, which revealed that the guy had been infected with the chondrostereum purpureum virus.

This is the first time the fungus has jumped from plant to people. The fungus is known to cause silver leaf disease in plants.

It spreads by airborne spores and turns plant foliage a strange metallic color before gradually dying it off.

The individual was thought to have become infected while working as a mycologist.

Plant mycologists work with moulds, yeast, and mushrooms directly.

According to the doctors who treated him, the individual, who was not identified in the journal Medical Mycology Case Reports, had been dealing with mushrooms, plant fungus, and decaying debris “for a long time.”

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