Man grieving death of wife during childbirth says he has ‘four big reasons’ to stay strong

Anyone would be terrified by the possibility of having quadruplets.

But image having to raise four children as a single parent.
That’s what Carlos Morales faced after his wife died after delivery.

It’s a horribly impossible prospect, yet it’s part of Morales’ reality.

Morales found the fortitude to persevere in the face of such adversity.
On January 15, 2015, Carlos Jr., Tracy, and twins Erica and Paisley were born.

Source: gofundme.com/f/kbkpag

Erica Morales, their mother, died eight hours later from hypovolemic shock.

Hypovolemic shock, according to the MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia, is an emergency situation in which extreme blood or fluid loss stops the heart from pumping enough blood to the body.

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