Woman goes viral for story about having to pay over $150 on fast-food date from hell

Although first dates may be unpleasant, a woman on TikTok revealed a particular horror story that has now gone viral. It appears that the man she met on a dating app was a huge fan of Taco Bell tacos.

In answer to a query about her worst first-date experience, Elyse Myers revealed her story on TikTok. She begins by stating that she had used dating apps to meet people before meeting her spouse.

The story starts with this man inviting her out to dinner. They intended to meet first at his house.

When Myers arrived, her date informed her that he’d misplaced his keys and requested her to drive. He gave her directions, and they found themselves at the drive-thru lane of a Taco Bell. Lol!

From Foxnews.com:

It gets worse.

He then ordered 100 hard-shell tacos.

Moments later, the man told his date he couldn’t find his wallet. Myers says she agreed to pay, and they returned to his house only to eat the tacos at his kitchen table in silence.

The man’s father briefly joined them before Myers decided the date was over.

Watch the video below:

@elysemyers I haven’t been to a @tacobell since. #coffeetalk #theadhdway #firstdatefail #tacobell ♬ original sound – Elyse Myers

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