Man Sang On Train For 37 Years, Blows Everyone Away With Rendition Of “Unchained Melody”

There are many people who try and make their living by busking in some way; playing guitar, singing a melody, doing a tap dance. A man in New York is one of those people trying to make a living by performing.

His name is Mike Yung and he’s 57-years-old — his most favorite thing in life is singing. He’s been singing in subway stations and on the train for over 37 years. In fact — this is how he has made is living. But one performance that blows everyone away was going to change his life.

Commuters in New York City have gotten to know and love Mike; his singing is absolutely beautiful. After some encouragement — he decided to take a chance and audition for a much larger audience.

Mike was going to take a leap and audition for the show America’s Got Talent. He was told by subway commuters that he sang beautifully — would the judges and crowd feel the same way? Could the commuters have been taking pity on him?

After walking onto the stage, Mike told his stories to the judges. The infamous Simon Cowell asked him about any low points he might have had over his 37-year career.

“The low point is, on a Monday or a Tuesday, you don’t make that much. But people get paid on Thursday and Friday and then make up for it,” Mike said with a smile.

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