Mandalorian Star Rosario Dawson Goes Topless on Instagram for Her 40th birthday

Rosario Dawson, star of Mandalorian and the upcoming Ahsoka show, recently celebrated her 40th birthday by posting a topless photo on Instagram and the internet went nuts!

During the video, the activist and US actor, who turned 40 in May, is seen spending time alone on the beach, with birds chirping in the background.

Dawson flaunted her perfect complexion in the makeup-free and topless image, which she may have attributed in part to her skincare routine, which involves drinking clay.

“I’ve been starting to drink clay lately,” Dawson told The Cut in April. “There’s really good, fine, food-grade clay that helps to clean out your system and rid you of parasites. I’m very natural about stuff, so it’s clays and vitamins in my skin care, too.” she said.

She also told the site that she’s trying to multi-task during her night-time routine, going for “the meditation-face mask-bath at once.”

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