Many Schools Warn That Kids Are Playing Squid Game on Playgrounds, Causing Fights to Erupt

Schoolchildren are playing Squid Game, and schools are now notifying parents about incidents of violence. This is not to say that every school is like this. However, there have been reports of occasional Netflix-inspired brawls at the Communal d’Erquelinnes Centre in Belgium and other such schools.

A Facebook post from there urges parents to keep an eye on what their children are doing. (As with most of these stories, a TikTok trend had a significant role in disseminating it.) It appears to be another routine issue, yet people are flocking to this tale online. Part of the viewers’ confusion stems from the fact that Squid Game is based on children’s games. It’s difficult and far from widespread, but there’s a discussion to be had about talking to the kids involved about playing a little bit kinder with their peers.

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