Marvel Fantastic Four Movie Breakdown!

One of the most anticipated Marvel movies is Fantastic Four. I have to admit, I have hated the previous versions of this movie and it has frustrated me so much.

Mainly because I have a huge fan of the Fantastic Four comics. They are some of the best comics of all-time and also some of the most valiable.

But for some reason, trying to translate those great comic stories to the big screen has proven to be a disaster so far, with 2005’s Fantastic Four and the sequel “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer,” followed by the notorious 2015 reboot.

Tim Story directed the first two movies, and he had some interesting advice….

to whatever filmmaker ends up taking over the Fantastic Four movie franchise in the future. Story responded: “First, I’d tell them to listen to Kevin Feige. Kevin Feige is the man.”

Let’s how the new director heeds that great advice!

In the meantime, the great Youtube channel: Emergency Awesome, just posted a new video about the latest news regarding the upcoming Fantastic Four movie.

Read on to Check it out below!

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