Marvel Releases Death Of Doctor Strange Trailer

A new teaser for the plot from Marvel Comics just confirmed that Doctor Strange’s demise is going to be an all-new event in the pages of Marvel Comics.

To open the teaser video, a voice-over describes how Dr. Strange, before he became a master of the mystic arts, used to say that he never knew what day would be his last. 

The video then closes with the message, “It will take the entire Marvel universe to solve the murder of Doctor Strange.” This video also features an image of a coffin covered in Strange’s cape of levitation. This teaser offers a glimpse into the game!

The series will see writer Jed MacKay (Black Cat, Moon Knight) and artist Lee Garbett (Captain Marvel) bringing the story to live with the five-issue series kicking off in September. But without Doctor Strange, who will defend the Earth in the Sorcerer Supreme’s place? According to Marvel, that, along with discovering who killed the hero, is the story of Death of Doctor Strange. In addition to those five issues of Doctor Strange a series of tie-in issues will be published including Death of Doctor Strange: Avengers, Strange Academy Presents: Death of Doctor Strange, The Death of Doctor Strange: White Fox, and The Death of Doctor Strange: Spider-Man.

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