Marvel Stars Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland Perform Back to the Future Deepfake

OMG, this is by far the best deep fake video I have ever seen! And if you are a big Marvel fan and fan of Robert Downey Jr and Tom Holland, then you will be especially blown away by what you are about to see.

From the great folks at Comicbook.com:

This is heavy: Marvel stars Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland have been convincingly inserted into a scene from Back to the Future. The deepfake, created by EZRyderX47 on YouTube, sees Holland’s face digitally imposed over Marty McFly actor Michael J. Fox, with Downey taking over the role of Christopher Lloyd’s eccentric scientist Doc Emmett Brown, the inventor of time travel.

This edited scene from director Robert Zemeckis’ hit 1985 comedy shows Holland’s Marty stranded in 1955, where the time-travelling teen is distressed to learn his high school-aged mother Lorraine (Lea Thompson) is infatuated with him.

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