Marvel Announces Historic R-Rated Disney+ Show

In March, Disney implemented parental controls to its streaming service, making it easier to limit access to explicit content for younger family members.

This was a strong indication that Disney was shifting away from exclusively permitting PG-13 or below films and series and toward potentially enabling firms to generate R-rated material for Disney+.

It was announced last year that Marvel Studios will be creating a Marvel Zombies animated series for Disney+.

Many fans speculated on whether it would be related to the What If…? episode of the same idea and whether the series will be rated more maturely.

From thedirect.com:

At the Marvel Studios Animation Panel at San Diego Comic-Con, it was confirmed that the upcoming Marvel Zombies animated series would be rated TV-MA (television’s R-rating equivalent) with executives promising that there would be much more gore.

This series also takes place in the same universe as the zombie universe that appeared in What If…? and will include more zombified heroes and villains like Wanda Maximoff, Ghost, Hawkeye, Abomination, Captain Marvel, a legless Captain America, Ikaris, and more:

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