Here’s Why Marvel Can Guarantee New MCU Content Every Week This Year

So far this year we have already received awesome content from Marvel Studios and Disney with what we have been getting from WandaVision and also Marvel Legends.      

And with the news from Marvel Studios announcing a new MCU-based docuseries named “Marvel’s Assembled” on Tuesday, the studio has all but ensured the arrival of new Marvel material on a weekly basis for the remainder of the year. 

WandaVision will end its run in three weeks on March 5th. Then we will have, “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” premiering the first episode on March 19th. WandaVision’s Assembled chapter, which will be available on March 12th, is strategically positioned between the two major events shows.

And that’s just the beginning….

The six episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will end on April 23rd, making room for the show’s Assembled episode to drop on April 30th — the week before Black Widow is currently scheduled to hit theaters on May 7th. You see where this is going now right?

After a Black Widow Assembled episode on May 14th, Loki would then pick up on May 21st and run through July 2nd if we factor its behind-the-scenes episode into the mix.

If you rinse and repeat the scenario for Shang-Chi, What If…?, Ms. Marvel, Eternals, and Hawkeye, there will either be a film, Disney+ show, or ASsembled episode every Friday through the end of the year. The only exception is the very last day of the year, Friday, December 31st.

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