Marvel’s Loki Rumored To Introduce Major Villain To The MCU

We’ve been pretty excited about the upcoming Loki original series on Disney plus ever since that teaser they showed during this past Super Bowl.

First of all, I’m just a huge Tom Hiddleston fan. His performance as Loki is one of the best in all of comic book movies. His swagger and connection to the character is such that you honestly couldn’t see anyone else playing that role. He’s that good.

And so…secondly…that is why so many just can’t wait to see what they do with him in this upcoming series.

Speaking of this series….we just learned that there is a major villain that will be introduced!

From comicbook.com:

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige promised that the upcoming slate of Marvel Cinematic Universe series for Disney+ will be significant extensions of various storylines of the movies, while also helping set the stage for the large storyline of Phase 4. Well, that claims looks more and more true with every new piece of information we get about these Disney+ MCU shows – and now a new rumor suggests that the upcoming Loki Disney+ series could actually set up the next big villain of the MCU! As the rumor goes, Loki’s run through timelines of the MCU will open the door to Kang The Conqueror’s debut!!

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